What Should I Wear?

What Should I Wear?

When you go skydiving in Central Florida wearing certain clothing can make a difference. For instance, not having enough layers of clothing when it is cold outside could make your jump uncomfortable. Whether you’re a tandem jumper or taking our accelerated freefall training, the following is a brief guideline to follow that will help make your skydive more enjoyable.



  • Open Toe or Open Heel footwear
          examples are flipflops, loafers, high heels
    (you don’t want to lose a shoe in the air)
  • Collared shirts
          examples are golf, polo or dress shirt
          (the collar may beat the heck out of your your neck)
  • Jewelry
          examples are rings, necklaces, earrings, watches (don’t wear anything valuable that you want to keep)




  • Shoes that tie or fasten securely such as sneakers
  • Collarless shirt
          examples are “T-shirt” or sweatshirt – check the
    temperature outside!
  • Shorts or Pants
  • Jumpsuits are available upon request